Proef de beste Italiaanse eten in Amsterdam



Mista €5.50

Mixed salad.

Mista al Tonno €6.50

Mixed salad with tuna fish.

Mista con Mozzerella €6.50

Mixed salad with mozzerella cheese.

Mista con Gorgonzola €6.50

Mixed salad with gorgonzola cheese.

Mista Pisa (2 persons) €13

Mixed salad with tuna fish and egg.


Zuppa di Pomodoro €6


Minestrone €6.50


Bruschetta (4x) €5.50

Toast with olive oil, tomato and basil.

Focaccia €5.50

Bread with olive oil, oregano and garlic.


Caprese €8

Mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and pesto.

Prosciutto e Melone €9.50

Parmaham with melon.

Carpaccio €10

Slices of beaf with parmezan cheese, capers and rucola.

Antipasto Misto (2 persons) €17.50

Assortiment with cold starters.

Funghi Trifolati €7

Fried mushrooms in garlic butter.

Calamari Fritti €8

Fried squids.

Funghi ripieni con gorgonzola €9.50

Mushrooms filled with gorgonzola cheese.


All our dishes are being served with french fries or salad and a sauce of choice;
~ Pepe verde ~ Salsa di funghi ~ Gorgonzola salsa ~

Pollo al Ferri €14.50

Grilled chicken fillet.

Bistecca al Ferri €18


Filleto al Ferri €20.50

Grilled steak tenderloin.

Scaloppina Milanese €18.50

Veal escalopes with bread crumbs.

Saltimbocca €18.50

Veal fillet with ham, cheese and sage.

Cotolette di Agnello €19.50

Grilled lambs chops.

Scaloppina al Funghi €18.50

Veal escalopes with mushrooms and cream sauce.

Scaloppina Gorgonzola €19.50

Veal escalopes with gorgonzola chees and cream sauce.

Scaloppina Parmagiana €20

Veal escalopes with bread crumbs, egg plants, cheese in tomatoes white winesauce.


All dishes are being served with french fries or salad

Calamari Fritti €18.50

Fried calamary squids.

Salmone alla Griglia €19

Grilled salmon.

Gamberoni alla griglia €24.50

Large grilled shrimps.


Risotto ai Funghi Porcini €10

Italian rice served with mushrooms and cream.

Risotto Pollo €10

Italian rice served with chicken and cream.

Risotto ai Frutti di mare €11

Italian rice served withseafood in white wine and tomato sauce.

Gevulde pasta’s

Pasta pillows lled with mushrooms

Ravioli Napolitana €11.50


Ravioli al Pesto €11.50

Pesto, grated cheese in creamsauce.

Ravioli Bolognese €12

Meat sauce.

Ravioli Panna Prosciutto €12

Bacon, egg yolk and grated cheese in creamsauce.

Pasta uit de oven

Cannelloni €12

Pastarolls lled with minced meat and bolognese sauce.

Lasagna al Forno €12

Layers of pasta filled with spicy minced beef, bechamelsauce and cheese in bolognese sauce.

Pasta Mista €13.50

Ravioli, lasagna and canneloni with chees in bolognese sauce.

Lasagna Vegetariana (vegetarian) €12

Layers of pasta filled with bechamelsauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, cream and vegetables in tomato sauce.

Spaghetti ~ Penne

Choice of pasta

Aglio e Olio €7

Oil, garlic and parsley.

Napolitana €8


All’Arrabbiata €9.50

Tomatosauce with hot peppers.

Bolognese €11

Minced meatsauce.

Vongole €11

Baby mussels in tomato-white wine sauce.

Al Pesto €11

Pesto and cream sauce.

Vegetaria €11.50

Vegetables and tomato sauce.

Carbonara €11.50

Bacon and egg yolk in cream sauce.

Pollo €11.50

Chicken with tomato-cream sauce.

Ai Funghi €12

Mushrooms in cream sauce.

Salmone €12

Smoked salmoon in tomato-white wine sauce with a dash of cream on top.

Frutti di Mare €12.50

Different kinds of sh in tomato-white wine sauce with a dash of cream on top.

Quattro Formaggi €12.50

4 kinds of melted cheese in cream sauce.


All pizzas are served with cheese and tomato sauce

Margherita €5.50

Cheese and tomato sauce.

Cipolla €6


Parika €6


Ananas €6


Borromeo €8.50


Funghi €8.50


Salami €8.50


Siciliana €11.50

Olives, onions, capers and anjovy.

Hawaii €11

Ham and pineapple.

Fantasia €11

Ham and mushrooms.

Peperoni €11.50

Hot salami.

Quattro Stagioni €12

Ham, salami, mushrooms and paprika.

Vegetariana €11.50

Mushrooms, paprika, onions and olives.

Pollo €11.50

Chicken and cheese.

Bella Italia €12

Ham, salami, paprika en olives.

Mozzarella €12.50

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, capers and fresh tomatoes.

Salmone €12.50

Smoked salmon.

Frutti di Mare €12.50

Different kinds of sea fish.

Quattro Formaggio €12.50

Four kinds of cheese.

Prosciutto €13.50

Gorgonzola cheese, tomatoes, capers and fresh tomatoes.